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How To Invest

KV Capital provides a "full service" experience to investors:

1. Highlight Sheet

Highlight Sheet

Potential investors are provided with an initial document that briefly outlines upcoming mortgage investment opportunities. The investor may then review all details of a specific opportunity, including a summary of our due diligence process.

2. Investor Acceptance

Investor Acceptance

Investors who express interest from the "teaser" documents complete New Client Application Forms.

These forms are required to qualify investors in accordance with Securities legislation.

3. Subscription Agreement

Mortgage Subscription Agreement

This document outline the details of the specific mortgage being invested in, the amount of investment, the interest rate the investor will receive on the investment, the maturity date of the mortgage, etc.

4. Mortgage Funding

Mortgage Funding

Once all conditions of the mortgage loan are met by the borrower, investor funds held in our trust account shall be funded to the borrower’s lawyer through our lawyer, for disbursement to the borrower.

5. Investment Confirmation

Investment Confirmation

Investors receive a confirmation letter for their records following the funding of a mortgage.

6. Monthly Interest Payments

Monthly Interest Payments

Monthly interest payments are deposited directly into the investor’s bank account at the middle of the month following the month in which it was earned.

Electronic email notifications are distributed with deposit information.

7. Investment Statements

Investment Statements

Investors receive quarterly statements and monthly confirmations of interest payments deposited to their bank account.

8. Payout & Discharge

Payout & Discharge

When a borrower repays their mortgage (partial or full repayment) KV Capital will return the investment to each investor.

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