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How To Invest

KV Mortgage Fund provides investors the ability to invest in a portfolio of syndicated mortgages:

1. Offering Memorandum

Offering Memorandum

Potential investors in the Fund are provided an Offering Memorandum to review. This document provides detailed disclosures with respect to the Fund that include:

1. Use of funds;
2. Business of the Fund;
3. Directors, management, promoters, principal holders;
4. Capital structure;
5. Offered securities;
6. Income tax implications and deferred plan eligibility;
7. Compensation to be paid to sellers and finders;
8. Risk factors;
9. Reporting obligations;
10. Resale restrictions;
11. Purchaser rights; and
12. Audited financial statements

2. Investor Acceptance

Investor Acceptance

Investors who express interest from the Offering Memorandum complete New Client Application Forms.

These forms are required to qualify investors in accordance with Securities legislation.

3. Register Accounts

Register Accounts (if applicable)

Investors that choose to invest with registered funds (TFSA, RRSP, etc.) open an account with a third party trustee and deposit new, or transfer existing funds to the account.

4. Share Subscription

Share Subscription Agreement

This document details the terms of the share subscription, the amount invested, your preference of either cash or reinvested dividends, and all forms required to comply with investment regulations.

Investors using registered funds also complete a letter of indemnity in respect of our trustee to permit the release of funds for subscription purposes.

5. Investment Confirmation

Investment Confirmation

Investors receive a confirmation letter for their records after completing a share subscription.

6. Monthly Dividend Payments

Monthly Dividend Payments

Monthly dividend payments are deposited directly into the investor’s bank account at the middle of the month following the month in which it was earned.

Electronic email notifications are distributed with deposit information.

Investors who have elected to participate in the Fund’s Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP) have their earnings reinvested effective the end of each month.

7. Investor Statements

Investor Statements

Investors in the Fund receive quarterly statements. Investors who have opted for cash dividends also receive monthly confirmations as dividends are deposited to their bank account.

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