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About Mortgage Investments

Mortgage Investments with KV Capital provide investors’ access to all of the following Key Characteristics:

Income Producing


Secured By Real Estate

By holding mortgage investments, investors may earn income on a monthly basis.


All Mortgage Investments offered by KV Capital are secured by a charge on Canadian Real Estate.

Passive Investment


Consistent Returns

Once an investment is made in Preferred Shares of the Fund or syndicated mortgages, there is no management required on behalf of the investor. KV Capital will automatically deposit any earnings to your account.


KV Capital has a track record of providing returns to investors year after year. Since inception, historical annualized returns to investors in syndicated mortgages and KV Mortgage Fund have been 7 – 11% net of fees and other costs.  Please refer to KV Mortgage Fund’s Offering Memorandum for more information.

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