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Investment Options

KV Capital offers investors the flexibility to participate in mortgage lending to match their own investment preferences:

1. Direct Investments

Direct investors hold a syndicated mortgage interest in a particular lending deal. This option allows investors the maximum control to invest in deals that match their preferred returns and investment characteristics.

Direct Investments are available for cash accounts. Interest and principal payments from the particular deal invested in are deposited directly to the investors bank account as they are received.

Direct Investment Cash Flows:

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2. KV Mortgage Fund

Participants in KV Mortgage Fund hold a proportionate interest in a portfolio of syndicated mortgages. This option allows investors to benefit from diversity and removes the requirement of active management that typically is required to realize the return associated with short term mortgage investments.

KV Mortgage Fund investments are available under all of the following options:


Preferred share holders receive monthly cash dividends to their bank account under the cash option.

Registered Plans

Preferred shares in the Fund are eligible investments for registered plans (RRSP, RESP, TFSA, etc.).

Dividend Re-Investment Plan

Holders of the Fund can elect to purchase additional preferred shares with the monthly dividends that they earn.

Fund Investment Cash Flows:

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