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Underwriting Process

We employ an experienced team of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Business Valuators to conduct underwriting.

1. Initial Applicant Screening

Initial Applicant Screening

KV Capital enters into introductory discussions with borrowers, and prescreens summary information on prospective deals to evaluate the merits against our established lending criteria and develop a holistic picture of the project and proposed financing.

2. In depth project review

In depth project review

We complete a full review of all information relevant to the particular deal.

Included in our analysis are:

  • a multi-variate assessment of project feasibility;
  • evaluation of borrower’s experience and ability to carry out the project; and
  • identification and probability assessment for alternative exit strategies as the project timeline progresses

3. In depth security review

In depth security review

All lending by KV Capital is secured through a mortgage registered on Real Estate. To determine the value inherent in the property pledged as security, we:

  • Obtain independent third party confirmation of value;
  • Perform a physical inspection of the property;
  • review detailed financial information of the borrowers and the project;
  • Perform title searches to determine the available value of security; and
  • Perform corporate and related party searches

4. Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling

The project specific and macro level risks associated with each deal are assessed individually, and in aggregate to develop an accurate profile of the opportunity.

5. Lending terms

Lending terms

We develop customized lending terms unique for each deal to ensure that the project risks are appropriately mitigaged and investors are provided a fair return.

6. Recommendation


All deals are reviewed, and recommend for approval by KV Capital’s President before opening an opportunity to investors.

7. Approval


For unique or complex deals, a second review and approval from KV Capital’s Investment Committee is completed.

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