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Recently Funded

Recently Funded Deals

We use an equity based appraoch and our extensive accounting, finance and real estate experience to make lending decisions.

LocationSummaryLTVLoan AmountSecurity TypeTerm
Edmonton-SurroundingCommercial development42%$6,500,000.00First Mortgage12 months
CalgaryConstruction financing for a 4-plex unit54%$1,400,000.00First Mortgage10 months
Edmonton-SurroundingConstruction financing for up to 31 condominium units 58%$6,750,000.00First Mortgage12 months
EdmontonConstruction financing for up to 43 condominium units 61%$9,900,000.00First Mortgage12 months
Edmonton-SurroundingConstruction of 3 single family homes.65%$1,456,000.00First Mortgage12 months
Other AlbertaConstruction of a bungalow.50%$1,175,000.00First Mortgage12 months
CalgaryConstruction of single family residences, a duplex residence, and a fourplex residence.60%$2,690,350.00First Mortgage10 months
Other AlbertaDevelop and construct a multi-bay office / warehouse development.73%$2,575,000.00First Mortgage9 months
EdmontonDevelop approximately 3.83 acres of land and start construction of residential townhouse units.44%$8,000,000.00First Mortgage12 months
EdmontonFinancing for construction of a duplex62%$365,000.00First Mortgage8 months
Edmonton-SurroundingFinancing for construction of a residential single family home58%$300,000.00First Mortgage6 months
Edmonton - SurroundingFinancing to allow owners of a completed condominium project to take-out equity.67%$3,800,000.00First Mortgage6 months
EdmontonFor the purchase of 2.02 acres of serviced commercial land.59%$900,000.00First Mortgage8 months
EdmontonPurchase of 7.39 acres of land designated for residential development.68%$1,300,000.00First Mortgage6 months
EdmontonResidential development70%$1,500,000.00Second Mortgage12 months
Edmonton-SurroundingResidential development67%$1,000,000.00Second Mortgage12 months
Other AlbertaShort-term financing secured by a motel property - allowing the owners of the motel to payout existing mortgages and take-out equity.45%$2,100,000.00First Mortgage12 months
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