Give for good: Alberta Cancer Foundation

Alberta Cancer Foundation promises progress in cancer research, prevention, treatment and care.

Alberta Cancer Foundation promises progress in cancer research, prevention, treatment and care.

Alberta Cancer Foundation promises progress in cancer research, prevention, treatment and care.


Olivia Moore

February 25, 2022


In honour of World Cancer Day on February 4, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has an exciting impact story to share about the life-saving CAR T-Cell clinical trial that was made possible at the Cross Cancer Institute through funds provided by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

At just 31 years old, Donato was told he was out of treatment options, out of hope. Thankfully, just a few months later, he was asked to participate in a brand-new, made-in-Alberta clinical trial (CAR T-cell therapy). Donato was the second Albertan ever to receive this CAR T-cell therapy and the first Albertan to go into remission following the treatment. He is now cancer-free and living his life to the fullest.

About Alberta Cancer Foundation

Cancer takes many forms and diagnoses, and according to the World Health Organization, accounts for one in six deaths worldwide. The Alberta Cancer Foundation provides a platform to “push the pace of progress that leads to faster diagnoses, ground-breaking research and leading-edge treatments”.

For over 37 years, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has been the official fundraising partner for all 17 Health Services cancer centres including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary.

In 2021 alone, 59,852 Albertans visited one of the 17 cancer centres across the province 729,012 times.

Read the full 2021 community report here.

KV Capital: A Proud Prairie Partner

At KV Capital, we understand how the impact of cancer can take a permanent toll on individuals, families, and their support systems. That’s why we look forward to being a part of making a difference for fellow Albertans facing cancer by partnering with Alberta Cancer Foundation as a Prairie Partner sponsor for the Enbridge Tour Alberta for Cancer 2022 Tour.

The Tour will be held in person over the weekend of July 23 with each participant riding 100 km per day. Andrew Gregory, Corporate Engagement Lead at Alberta Cancer Foundation, explains “while it’s a challenge—it is a ride, not a race”. The core importance behind The Tour is to raise money for the Foundation and take time to enjoy the route while doing something impactful for others.

Alberta Cancer Foundation ensures that The Tour is an inclusive event—everyone is invited and welcome to participate in the way that suits them best (in-person cyclist, virtual walk or run). Each in-person cyclist is committed to raising a minimum of $2,500, while virtual participants are not required to fundraise a minimum amount.

In-person cyclists will have the opportunity to cycle alongside fellow cancer survivors, as they wear yellow flags in honor of survivor solidarity.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation difference

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is unique as it is a fundraising partner, research supporter, and advocate for those facing cancer. What may appear to be a charity on the outside is far from how ACF prefers to identify.

“ACF operates more like an investment manager, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in those initiatives that will provide actual, quantifiable returns: Cancer patients returning to their lives.”

Another differentiating factor of Alberta Cancer Foundation is their approach to clinical trials: Alberta has the greatest subscription to clinical trials in Canada, which continues to become increasingly important for individuals who have exhausted all other options.

“The Alberta Cancer Foundation ignites cancer research. Thanks to the generosity of donors and the bright minds within Alberta Health Services and university partners, they help researchers speed up the pace of discovery and answers questions in new, important ways. ACF is a fundraising organization that connects donors to the priorities that will make a difference for Albertans facing cancer.”

Creating more moments

Over the past 15 years, the pace of cancer research progress has increased rapidly due to the ability to share information. Our team at KV Capital looks forward to continuing to be a part of this progress towards a cancer-free future.

Learn more about the variety of different ways you can give back as an individual or corporate donor here.

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