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Rhys Brown

As a Business Solutions Analyst, Rhys helps to identify and implement improvements to KV Capital’s IT systems. Rhys’ role entails taking ownership of the various IT projects across the various business units at KV Capital to ensure their success. KV Capital views many projects with a unifying lens as many of the business units share the same information. Rhys will focus on streamlining and automating internal and external processes, while centralizing a number of KV’s systems. This will allow for KV Capital to spend more time focusing on customer relationships than on the mundane tasks of information management. Rhys bring value to our team by helping KV Capital provide simple solutions to our customer’s capital needs.          

Rhys has eight years of experience and has been involved in application development, where he helped design from the inception phase a piece of enterprise software that assisted in the management of large workforce projects. This software is in use by major mining, oil, and industrial projects around the world. Rhys' focus on simplifying and improving his client’s business processes has helped his clients save millions of dollars in operating costs. Rhys also assisted in the implementation of this software at his client’s sites across the world, allowing him to travel and work with clients in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.                

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