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Stephanie Biamonte

Stephanie’s role as analyst, underwriter with the residential mortgages team entails providing a high level of mortgage underwriting expertise and delivering client service excellence on behalf of KV Capital, while simultaneously building long term relationships with lenders and service partners.

Stephanie holds 17 years of tenure in finance. Her education as an accredited consumer residential mortgage lender and past experience within the space of financial institutions such as charter banks, credit unions, mortgage/equipment brokerage, and private capital and alternative lending will allow her assist the KV Capital residential mortgage team with facilitating efficient financing processes while delivering quality service excellence. Over the years, Stephanie has been an integral part of Bay Street firm Paradigm Quest’s Lendwise NPX Alternative Lending division launch in 2016. She has specialized in mortgage underwriting for the past seven years of her career, and is passionate about risk management business process improvement efficiencies and challenged her ACRML diploma for a successful early graduation. Stephanie is a skilled interpersonal communicator and adept problem solver. She takes great efforts to ensure a detailed and accurate approach to her work and embodies transparency and accountability in her business ethics.

Outside of work, Stephanie previously held tenure as a board member with a cat rescue in
Trent Hills, ON. In 2015, she presented a grant application for funding Trent Hills Council with the board and was successfully awarded funding for animal rescue care. Stephanie continues to provide ongoing policy recommendations and fiscal advice to animal advocacy organizations on a volunteer basis.

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