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Under the leadership of Darin Rayburn

As President, Real Estate Equity Partners, Darin draws from his over 30 years of experience in growing and diversifying multiple real estate asset classes in geographic markets across North America to seek out equity investment opportunities for KV Capital with established developers to generate positive returns for investors.

Darin brings his proven track record as an accomplished C-suite executive and trustee of publicly traded companies in the commercial real estate market to the KV Capital group.

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The flagship Fund:KV RE
Equity Partners
Fund I Limited Partnership

KV RE Equity Partners Fund I Limited Partnership helps fill the important need for developers to have access to a western Canadian based equity sponsor with a mandate to invest in mid-size projects.

The Fund offers KV Capital's investors the opportunity to participate in developer profits by co-investing alongside experienced and well-capitalized developers in projects located in major western Canadian markets such as Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), BC (Okanagan Valley), and Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina).

Launched in the summer of 2022, the Fund has now successfully completed its first capital commitment raise and is currently deploying capital into investment opportunities.

Where we fit in the market

Mid-size developments

Our focus is projects requiring an equity partner in the $2 million to $10 million range, which is a segment that is challenging for traditional institutional capital to participate in.

Market presence + knowledge

We invest in markets we know. We invest in markets that we are committed to supporting for the long term.

A whole team approach to supporting our partners

We bring the full force of the KV organization to support our partners in their success. Our partners’ success is our success.

Fund mandate: “build + sell”

The mandate of the Fund is to deploy capital into projects and return invested capital plus profits within a 5-7 year horizon. As such, investments held within the Fund will be “build and sell” projects with development horizons of 2-4 years.

Key Fund  details:

Asset class:

Residential, industrial, commercial + other

Time horizon:

2 - 4 years

Investment size:

$2 million - $10 million

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Leadership team

Aleem Virani

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Rojek

Vice President

Darin Rayburn

President - Real Estate Equity Partners

Erick Hamdan

Executive Vice President - Real Estate Equity Partners + Finance

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