Our team

KV Capital is comprised of a diverse group of hard-working people, unified by a drive for excellence and an expectation of client satisfaction.

Aleem Virani
Shafin Kanji
Nicholas Jeanes
Jonathan Herman
Darin Rayburn
Erick Hamdan
Matthew Herman
Karim Rayani
Marc Prefontaine
Michael Hoffman
Curtis Power
Renee Kent
Catherine O’Neill
Vanessa Tracy-Roth
Molly Bell
Craig Rubis
Elissa Nys
Peter Amrhein
Andrew Plohy
Michelle Kenyon
Vince Kong
Michael Crawley
Michael Kaiser
Anthony Asquin
Kyle Thomson
Don Schultz
B. Paul Simpson
Jesse Warwa
Christopher Clarke
J.D. Lewis
Derek Price
Mathew Swarbrooke
Brad Leonard
Zachery Basisty
Colin Brenneis
Mitchell Patrick
Kelly Bagley
Adam Walzack
Imtiaz Somani
Mathew Forster
Tyler Cikaluk
Paul Elson
Amaan Datoo
John MacDonald
Erin Thordarson
Harpreet Grewal
Stephanie Biamonte
Andrew O'Dell
Jenna Kuzyk
Marissa Mooney
Lauren Peckham
Jolly Prasad
Devin Ouellette
Daniel Cabral

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