As your qualified CMHC partner, we’re laying a foundation for Canada’s future.

Jesse Warwa

Director, Origination, Commercial Real Estate Finance

As an approved CMHC Correspondent, we guide clients through the CMHC financing process for multi-unit residential properties with five or more units.

Our expertise, experience, and partnership with one of Canada’s largest approved CMHC lenders make us a partner you can count on.

About CMHC Financing

CMHC financing is mortgage loan insurance from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for building multi-unit residential properties. Common challenges to accessing it include applying for a Certificate of Insurance and choosing the CMHC project that best fits your needs.

As your CMHC partner, we guide you through these complexities. We offer in-depth consultation, application assistance, and ongoing project support.

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Key benefits of CMHC financing

Lower interest rates

CMHC financing’s reduced interest rates lower monthly loan costs, freeing up capital. 

Extended amortization

Repayment terms up to 50 years result in smaller monthly payments. This eases cash flow management and makes financial planning more predictable.

LTV ratios up to 95%

The higher the LTV, the more of a property’s value can be financed. This reduces capital requirements. 

Flexible terms

Diverse term options let developers tailor financing to their needs, aligning loan payments with cash flow patterns.

Programs supported
CMHC Insured Construction Lending
CMHC Insured Term Mortgages

This is a multi-unit product incentivizing affordable, accessible, and energy-efficient developments. It offers leverage up to 95% LTV, amortization periods up to 50 years, and lower premiums for both new construction and term financing on existing assets.

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These insured construction loans for your standard or affordable multi-family rental project come with terms of up to 85% LTV based on 40-year amortization periods.


Term mortgages are provided for affordable and standard multi-family projects as well as student housing. LTV up to 85% and amortization periods up to 40 years are available.

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Eligibility criteria

Specific criteria for borrowers include:

The borrower must be a recognized residential property owner or developer.
The project must align with CMHC standards.
The borrower must demonstrate financial stability and a strong credit history.

CMHC evaluates each project on its merit, including its impact on the community.