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We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients’ success and our deep appreciation that we are stewards of our investors’ capital. Every investment decision we make starts with that understanding.

Nicholas Jeanes

Managing Partner

We offer opportunities to invest in the Canadian real estate space through commercial mortgages, real estate private equity, and participating in the ownership of real estate supply chain companies.

Our investment expertise covers all aspects of capital deployment and management to provide investment opportunities for high net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions.

Why KV?

Demonstrated track record in sourcing, underwriting, and structuring investments to deliver returns in line with investment mandates.

We invest in industries and geographies we know and have expertise in.

A commitment to advancing our clients’ success.

Invest Kv
Group AUM

in assets under management in KV Mortgage Fund direct commercial mortgages


 in assets under management in KV Real Estate Equity Partner Funds


in assets under management in KV Private Equity Funds

Target rates of return

for KV Mortgage Fund


for KV Real Estate Equity Partners Funds


for KV Private Equity Funds

The rates of return above may vary, potentially significantly, as a result of the inherent risks associated with investments. Investments and returns are not guaranteed. Please speak with a registered dealing representative about the opportunities and risks of investing with KV Capital.

Investment opportunities

Real estate debt

Invest in a diversified portfolio of primarily first position short-term commercial mortgages.

Real estate private equity

Co-invest alongside experienced and well-capitalized developers in ground-up projects located in major Western Canadian markets.

Operating company private equity

Gain unique exposure to the real estate sector by participating in higher returns related to private early-stage growth companies.

Track record

Our history demonstrates disciplined investment selection and management, achieving strong partner returns in-line with investment mandates:
StrategyFundTarget returnActual/projected returnsInvestment status
Real estate debtKV Mortgage FundGOC 2-year bond + 4.5%Fund IRR since inception8.23%Open
Operating company private equity

KV Private Equity Fund I15%-20% IRRNet IRR (realized)20.64%Closed
KV Private Equity Fund II+20% IRRN/A (in deployment)Open
KV Private Equity Fund III+20% IRRN/A (in deployment)Open
Real estate private equity

KV Real Estate Equity Partners Fund I12%-14% IRRNet IRR (projected)14%Closed
KV Real Estate Equity Partners Fund II12%-14% IRRN/A (in deployment) Open

The above rates of return include forward looking information.

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