Kv Investment

Forging partnerships to help build Canada’s future from the ground-up, together.

Elevate your company within Western Canada’s dynamic real estate sector.

With deep regional expertise and a robust network, including over 100 development partners and a project pipeline worth more than $1.5 billion, we are perfectly poised to accelerate the growth of your business.

We’re interested in partnering with businesses connected to:

Cribbing and foundations

Cement, weeping tiles, construction aggregates, structural products, rebar and fabricated steel, brackets, and bolts


Framing and roofing, trusses, beams, joists, envelope sealing, and basement finishing

Finishing and interior design

Windows and doors, bathrooms and kitchens, cabinetry, furniture, pipes and plumbing, drywall and insulation, electrical supplies, building systems and devices, and energy efficiency components

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Within those industries, we look at businesses that have:

Headquarters in Western Canada

Preference for enterprises rooted in Western Canada, enhancing our regional expertise and community impact.

Operational history of at least five years

Seeking businesses with a stable and proven track record of at least five years, demonstrating resilience and consistent performance.

Annual profits between $1M to $15M

Focusing on companies with annual profits from $1M to $15M, ideal for strategic growth and scalability.

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