Why Kv

We provide straightforward financing solutions across your development cycle, at the speed of your business.

Curtis Power

President, Private Mortgages

Development finance sits at the intersection of capital, expertise, and real estate development. We connect commercial real estate developers, investors, and owners with the financing their projects require.

Clients can rely on our expertise and networks to get what their projects need—and on our commitment to help them succeed. Our understanding of the development lifecycle will put your project on a firm financial foundation.

Why KV?

As the cornerstone of our business, we bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to financing development projects.

We’ve funded +$1.2 billion in loans, proving our robust capacity and trust in the market.

We manage assets worth +$400 million, reflecting our expertise and solid market standing.

We prioritize understanding your unique business challenges to craft financial solutions that fit both large and small enterprises effectively.

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We specialize in providing commercial real estate developers, investors, and owners with: 

Private mortgage solutions 
Condominium Construction With Balconies And Glass Windows
Conventional finance advisory 
Creative financial solutions 
Lending Programs And Products

Lending programs and products

From bridging loans to refinancing for better terms, each solution we offer is crafted to meet our clients’ needs.
Bridge financing

When timing is critical, our privately financed bridge loans keep your project moving while you secure long-term financing.

  • Maximum LTV: 80%
  • DSCR: 0.75-1.00x coverage 
  • Key consideration is timing to approve and fund ~30 days
Builder’s line of credit

Designed specifically for builders, our residential construction program supports your project from groundwork to grand opening. 

  • Maximum LTV: 75%
  • Maximum loan to cost: 85% 
  • Draw schedule: flexible 
Construction financing

Our commercial financing solutions cater to your business’ growth and expansion needs.

  • Maximum LTV: 75%
  • Maximum LTC: 85% 
  • Draw schedule: flexible 
Inventory financing

Secure the capital you need for holding property.

  • Maximum LTV: 80%
  • Position: first and second mortgages 
Land acquisition + servicing

Delivering structured financing for your land acquisition and land servicing needs.

  • Maximum LTV: 65%
  • Maximum LTC: 65%
Land financing

Secure financing for your ideal development site and build on solid ground.

  • Maximum LTV: 75%
  • Position: first mortgage 
  • Zoning: residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use 
Mezzanine financing

For projects that require a creative capital stack, we offer subordinate financing options.

  • Maximum LTV: 80%
  • Maximum LTC: 90% 
  • Position: second mortgage
Development Finance Kvcapital

Our comprehensive development finance solutions are crafted to support your project from start to finish.