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Offering unique access to a range of funds matching your objectives in the industry we know best: real estate.

Our diverse investment funds, spanning commercial mortgages to private equity, are each grounded in a rigorously developed strategy.

This strategic foundation ensures disciplined execution, enabling us to consistently meet or exceed our performance objectives.

Kv Mortgage Fund

KV Mortgage Fund

KV Mortgage Fund (KVMF) is a pooled mortgage fund which deploys investor capital into short term commercial mortgages secured by real estate and distributes the income from those mortgages each month to investors. Each loan is sourced, underwritten and administered by KV Capital’s in house commercial lending platform and the Fund is overseen by a majority independent board of directors. The Fund’s core mandates are preserve investor capital and deliver monthly income.


Long track record (Fund inception of 2009) of meeting our investment mandate and exceeding our return target across several real estate cycles.

Consistent year over year risk adjusted returns with low levels of volatility of distributions and a focus on capital preservation.

Independent board of directors/external credit committee, all of whom have exceptional real estate and professional backgrounds relevant to the Fund’s business. 

Fund details

FundKV Mortgage Fund
TypeOpen-ended pooled mortgage fund
Minimum investment$10,000 per account
EligibilityOffering memorandum and accredited investors
GovernanceMajority independent board of directors
Fund StatusOpen
Commercial mortgage portfolio
at quarter end
Fund IRR since inception8.23%

Board of Directors

Darlene Scott, Chair

Dentons Canada LLP

Don Douglas

United Companies Inc.

Guy Scott

ONE Properties (formerly WAM Development)

Tina Naqvi-Rota

Cameron Development Corporation

Aaron Forbes

MCAP Financial Corporation

Don Paulencu

Deloitte LLP

Julie Neault

Portage Capital Corporation



KV RE Equity Partners Fund II LP is a real estate private equity fund and is the sequel to our successful inaugural real estate private equity fund. This closed-end limited partnership invests alongside developers in ground up development projects leverages the achievements of our first fund. It focuses on “build and sell” real estate investments with clear exit strategies that align with its mandated project returns and risk profiles.

Why KV Real Estate Equity Partners?

Combines our extensive expertise in real estate and private equity with a seasoned team.

Leverages our existing relationships for a diversified investment pipeline.

Majority independent investment advisory committee.

Fund details

FundKV RE Equity Partners Fund II LP
TypeClosed-ended diversified private real estate fund
Minimum investment$500,000 minimum commitment
Target returnsNet investor IRR of +12%
Fund target size$50 million in committed capital
Governance Majority independent investment committee, majority independent limited partner advisory committee
Fund StatusOpen


PE Fund III is a closed-end limited partnership formed to acquire, grow, and sell lower middle market operating companies in the real estate sector located throughout Western Canada. The Fund identifies good businesses that participate in the manufacturing and/or distribution of products in the residential and commercial construction supply chains—and aims to transform them into great businesses.

Why KV Private Equity Fund?

Leverages KV’s organizational strength, focus and subject matter expertise in real estate construction and development.

Led by an experienced team with proven expertise.

Accesses our established and extensive networks throughout the Canadian real estate industry.

Fund details

FundKV Private Equity Fund III
TypeClosed-ended real estate operating company private equity fund
Minimum investment $1,000,000 minimum commitment
Target returnsNet investor IRR of +20%
Fund target size$100 million in committed capital
GovernanceMajority independent investment committee, majority independent limited partner advisory committee
Fund StatusOpen