We provide institutional investors with well-managed funds featuring risk distribution, performance independent of public markets, intra-fund diversification, and broad-based capital structuring with solid credit foundations.

Aleem Virani

CEO, KV Capital

Partnering strategically for smarter investments.

Collaborating closely with Canadian institutions, we deliver investment insights and strategies focused on sustainable, risk-adjusted returns that meet their long-term goals.

We offer institutional investors robust and well-managed investment opportunities.

Kv Investment Strategy

Investment strategy

We offer investment opportunities that track the stability and returns of high-yield, interest-bearing bonds, with the added security of being backed by real property.

The predictable income and unique diversification benefits of our real estate debt and private equity strategies provide attractive investment opportunities to institutional investors.

Our approach


We prioritize superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in quality real estate debt and equity opportunities.

Preferred returns

We aim for strong investment returns, with investment structures that align our interests with those of our clients.


We ensure governance and compliance through our dedicated investment committees and advisory board.

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Institutional Investors

To discover the full potential of investing in KV Capital’s diverse portfolio of real estate investments, please contact us.