Erick has worked his entire career in partnership with entrepreneurs and private capital leading growth and operational initiatives focused primarily on real estate, construction, and energy services. Most notably, he worked for 13 years in the private equity space as an Operating Partner for a middle market Canadian private equity firm with AUM of $650 million and as CFO for two private equity-backed companies that each grew to run rate revenues of over $300 million. He also has experience working with high-net-worth individuals and family offices, having dedicated over 4 years to building a single-family office and investment holding company for an Alberta-based high-net-worth family.


Erick focuses on helping companies and capital funds develop their overall organizational structure to enable them to scale and generate long-term profitable growth and above market risk-adjusted returns. In his role with KV, Erick focuses on managing KV’s inaugural real estate equity fund—KV Private Equity Partners Fund I LP—along with providing strategic and operational leadership to KV’s Commercial Real Estate Finance team to accelerate its growth. In addition, Erick works with KV’s leadership team on broader strategic initiatives of the organization.


Erick is committed to the community and previously served on the board of Goodwill Industries and the Mental Health Foundation. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for a Calgary-based construction technology company and the Board of Advisors of a Boston-based property technology company. Outside of the office, Erick spends his time with his wife and two teenage daughters, dedicates time to staying mentally and physically fit, and enjoys studying and practicing mindfulness and Stoicism.