Private Mortgages

Think a mortgage from the bank is the only way to finance your loan? Think again. We're among Canada’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders specializing in short-term mortgages.

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Making mortgages easy

Let’s make this as easy as possible. When you work with us, you can expect expertise in funding residential and commercial construction, development projects, land financing, and other real estate for borrowers who want to invest.

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The KV difference

Private mortgages

We specialize in residential, and commercial construction, and development financing

We offer hotel financing

Canadian markets


Construction and development financing can be very difficult to source

Hotel financing can be very difficult to secure

Many eastern Canadian lenders have less experience in the western Canadian market

Lending programs

We’re always working to make our product offerings and services just a little bit better. As part of that commitment, KV Capital offers the following services to our private mortgage clients:

Acquisition and Inventory Financing
Maximum LTV

Up to 75% loan to value


First and second mortgages

Commercial Financing
Maximum LTV

Up to 70% loan to value

Maximum loan to cost


Draw schedule


Residential Construction (Builder Program)
Maximum LTV

Up to 70% loan to value

Maximum loan to cost


Draw schedule


Land Acquisition
Maximum LTV



First mortgage


Residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use

Low RATES? High Five.

Our rates start at 9% and, with lender fees as low as 2%.


Asset-based lending is rarely allowed by traditional lenders. But we're not a traditional lender.

A unique team with unique solutions

We have a team of experts who simply can’t wait to help you develop the financing solution that’s just right for you.

LEt's get this going

We recognize that funding is just the beginning. That’s why we'll respond to you as quickly as possible—guaranteed within 24 hours.

By the numbers

Annual return to investors (since inception)



Total funded loans




Assets Under Management




Number of loans underwritten, funded and serviced


All information as of February 28, 2021 unless otherwise indicated. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Recently funded projects

KV Capital offers short-term real estate financing solutions, including bridge financing, as well as construction and development financing.

Private Mortgages

Kelowna Townhomes



KV Capital funded construction financing for 30 units of a 120 unit townhome project in Kelowna, BC.

Kelly Bagley
Private Mortgages

Edmonton Area Industrial Land



KV Capital provided land refinancing for 80 acres of industrial land in Leduc, AB.

Curtis Power
Private Mortgages

Calgary Revolving Builder's Line of Credit



KV Capital continues to fund a builder's revolving line of credit for homes built in the greater Calgary area.

Kelly Bagley
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Get answers

What kind of properties does Private Mortgages finance?

We finance an array of properties, including multi-family, retail, commercial, industrial, office, hotel/motel, and land servicing.

What type of financing do you do?

What kind of financing DON’T we do? We can help with any value-add situation: acquisition, renovation, stabilization, inventory, ground up construction, and even land servicing. If you need a loan for a special project or property, we can structure a custom solution to meet your needs.

What makes KV Capital different from a bank?

KV Capital can take risks that a bank normally wouldn't. That’s because we tailor every deal to your specific circumstances. For example, let's say that you would like a lower presale or pre-leasing requirement, or would like extra leverage that a bank won't give you. If you have one acquisition closing and don't have all the equity sourced yet, we can likely help.

How do I start?

Simple. Contact one of our professionals and we’ll get the process started. We will structure a deal that's right for you and your unique situation.

Our team

Our Private Mortgages team can simplify the complex process of accounting and finance, and put their real estate skills to work to make the best lending decisions for you.

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Curtis Power
Colin Brenneis
Mitchell Patrick
Kelly Bagley
Adam Walzack
Wolfgang Baumann
Tyler Cikaluk
Paul Elson
Pamela Gonzalez

Our directors

KV Mortgage Fund Board of Directors

Paul Allard
Aaron Forbes
Guy Scott
Darlene Scott
Don Paulencu

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