Ryan Bradley serves as the vice president of origination within KV’s private mortgages team, leveraging 17 years of financial industry expertise. Holding an MBA with a real estate focus, Ryan applies his knowledge in both loan origination and credit risk management to creatively structure attractive private mortgage opportunities for builders and developers. Over the course of his career, he has demonstrated a strong track record, successfully funding over $3.5 billion in loans as an originator and adjudicating over $5.5 billion in real estate loans as a credit evaluator.


Ryan’s expertise lies in sourcing, structuring, and funding various types of real estate debt, including land, servicing, construction, and term mortgages. His skillset encompasses a wide range of mortgage structures, including first and second mortgages, as well as A/B, mezzanine, and syndicated loan structures.


Beyond his professional achievements, Ryan is deeply committed to community involvement. He has served as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary, held the position of treasurer for the St. Albert chapter of Cosmopolitan International, and led as the president of the Business and Beyond Toastmasters Club.  Outside of work, Ryan enjoys traveling with his wife and dog, reading, hiking, camping, snowboarding and dragon boating.